happy birthday Apple

Happy Birthday Apple and Customer Service Concerns

We follow up on many of the stories and headlines we’ve covered over the past few shows. First though, we have to say Happy Birthday to Apple, who turns 40 this week. The FBI is making a statement to the tech industry by promising to share with other law enforcement agencies how they unlocked iPhones. Related, Apple is unwilling to help a father unlock his deceased son’s phone so that he can have pictures and videos of his final days. We finish out the show by discussing a potential bid from Time Inc for Yahoo and share our concerns with the latest in poor customer support in the tech industry.

Woman's home demolished after Google Maps error

Google Maps Error and Yahoo Being Sold.

A woman’s home is accidentally demolished after a company uses Google Maps as their main source of information. The government versus Apple saga continues with the FBI retracting its position on needing Apple’s help. Texting while walking may soon be illegal in the State of New Jersey. And finally, rumors of the sale of Yahoo may result in a bigger payday for Marissa Mayer.

zero to 300

From Zero to 300

What started out as a father and his two sons talking about tech over Skype has evolved into a flagship show hitting episode 300 and spawning the birth of a podcasting network.  Over the past 300 episodes and years, we’ve talked about a range of technology topics, business acquisitions, consumer fraud, security, healthcare, and so much more.  We’ve been honored as a finalist in The Podcast Awards on 2014 and 2015.  The Waves of Tech paved the way for other podcasting adventures such as International Podcast Day, Two Thumbs Up Media, Modern Life Discussions, and several trips to podcasting events and conferences.  We can’t thank our friends, family, and community enough for the support and love received over the past 300 episodes.  Thank you so very much.


Growth In Wearables And Amazon’s New Products

The growing and ever expanding business of wearables and the mobile health boom. The industry continues to explode with a 50% usage increase in just over 18 months. The creator of email, Ray Tomlinson, has passed away at 74. We look back at his contributions and the lasting impact he left in our industry. Ransomware hackers are targeting Apple users, something that is new to the face of cyber security and is being taken seriously. And finally, Amazon offers up a few new products based on the popularity of Alexa and Amazon Echo – the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

FBI iPhone

Apple FBI Showdown And Airbnb Safety Concerns

The Modern Life Podcast Network turns 9 years old on March 1st and Dave celebrates his birthday as well. As Apple and the FBI battle through the San Bernardino terrorist issues, let’s recount a story of someone that was in that room and we also discuss another FBI request to Apple. Finally, some Airbnb guests find a dead body during their stay and it highlights some serious safety concerns surrounding the travel startup.

Apple Versus FBI

Apple Versus FBI And Protecting Your Online Image

On Episode 297 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the latest hot topic technology issues, share our positions, and tell you want you need to know about them. The biggest news is the Apple versus FBI saga that continues to dominate headlines, where privacy and national security square off. In related news, a California is being brought forth that would ban encrypted smartphone sales in the state. And finally, we dive into protecting your image online and share some more bad Yahoo news that results in the loss of 300 jobs. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!