UPS Follow My Delivery and Windows 10 Promoted Apps

UPS is launching Follow My Delivery, which will bring us live mapping to track our packages. Twitter continues to struggle with stock prices, grabbing new users, time in app, and so much more. We examine why and how. On the other hand, Facebook continues to gain in popularity and we tell you how much CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes per day. And finally, Windows 10 is doubling it’s promoted apps in their Anniversary Edition.

Uber Protest

Uber And Lyft Lose In Austin

On Episode 307 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the battle surrounding Uber & Lyft in Austin. Voters took to the booths to vote on whether the ride-hailing companies can operate in their city. The decision may have some ripple effect through other cities. Also, The Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway is a good insight into an online startup and what young and older workers bring to the workforce. A new browser is out, Brave, and it is super fast and removes malvertising that is designed to harm your system and your identity. Finally, Steve checks in with his latest tech toys – Echo Dot and a new drone. Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech. And don’t forget to Keep on Techin’

comcast dreamworks

Comcast Buys DreamWorks And The Push For Tablets Over People

We dive into the $3.8 billion acquisition of DreamWorks by Comcast and what that means to the industry. Next up, we dissect the rumors behind Hulu offering a subscription based live TV service in early 2017 and explore the journey behind new media in the traditional media realm. Third, we discuss the trend of others playing explicit music and podcasts in front of groups of people and at restaurants. And finally, we examine McDonald’s purchase of thousands of tablets for use in their chains across the UK and the potential impact this technology will have on the workforce and wage earners.

photo album

Lost Art Of Photo Albums And The Dying Desktop

On this week’s podcast we dive into some considerations tech companies need to recognize and realize about older workers during the hiring process. Also, we talk about the lost art of photo albums, the memories associated with albums, and how the tech era has drastically changed the once popular past time. Drones continue to create air hazards and one in the UK actually hit a jetliner carrying 137 people! And finally, as 1-in-6 people live and work only on a mobile device, the topic of the dying desktop resurfaces.


The Textalyzer And Yahoo For Sale

We cover many stories making headlines and also some from the back pages of the digital sphere. First, we discuss the latest device in law enforcement – the Textalyzer, which can determine whether a phone was in use during an accident. Next, Steve discussed his reasons for cancelling DirecTV and changing providers. In closing, we discuss the impending Yahoo sale, the need for brick-and-mortar computer stores, and some tech related wedding stories. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech