Travelers’ Data In The Courtroom

Welcome to Waves of Tech, Episode 156. We have quite the variety of topics in the show this week – great customer service stories, a mention of a sliderule, Microsoft releases, Apple’s announcements, and access to travelers’ data. A few programming notes. Waves of Tech is moving to Monday nights, 5PM PST and we are also going live over at We hope you enjoy the podcast and feel free to join the conversation and comment on the show.

Reinventing Microsoft and Why Politicians Love Twitter

This week we splash into the reinvention of Microsoft and the reason politicians love Twitter. We start the show by talking about Microsoft. Microsoft is set to release a host of new products focused on one feature – creating and building a Microsoft user ecosystem. Also, politicians find the power of Twitter intoxicating and for one primary reason – tweets drive campaign donations. Join us as we dive into the realm of reinvention and political technology in this week’s episode.