Data As Your Identity And E-Government

Welcome to the last show of 2012 and thanks for making Waves of Tech a regular part of your podcasting lives. This week on Episode 164 we discuss preserving and leaving a digital estate for your friends and families to remember you by and the importance of backing your data up. We wrap 2012 up with a review of an array of e-government activities ranging from big data centers, infrastructure investments, and social media expectations. Thanks as always for listening to Waves of Tech and we wish everyone the very best this holiday season.

Cyber-gangs Target Online Shoppers And Big Data Retention

Cyber Monday has come and gone but the threats to online shoppers is still very evident. Steve outlines some helpful tips to protect yourself and your wallets during the holiday shopping season. In his discussion, Dave analyzes the use, storage, and collection of big data – why we keep it, why it is useful, why it’s maybe not needed, and what it means organizationally.