Are CEO’s Perplexed About Technology

Thanks for listening to The Waves of Tech, a finalist in the Tech category for the 2013 Podcast Awards. On this week’s show, we discuss the news that Nielsen will soon be collecting data from non-traditional sources and discuss the shift Disney is making toward distributing a new TV series to an app-only platform. In our main topic, we banter about the knowledge CEOs actually have about the technology their company endorses and the technology behind their products

Personal Devices At Work

We have a big lineup for the show and we begin our podcast with a few items and brief discussion related to Apple’s Campus 2 future, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 release, and Apple announcements speculations. For the main topic of the show, we find that most employees really want to use their personal devices at work. So, we throw some ideas around as to some of the consequences and positives associated with that venture.

Environmental Impact Of The Revolving Cell Phone

Welcome to Episode 194! As we inch ever so closer to #200, we thank you each for tuning in every week for our tech discussions. The topics never dry up. This week we talk about the privatization of Blackberry, the cost of paying for fake/solicited online reviews, and Microsoft’s latest Surface product. In our primary topic, it’s all about the record setting iPhone 5S and 5C sales, the latest from iOS 7, and the environmental impact of the revolving door of new and old mobile devices