Environmental Impact Of The Revolving Cell Phone

Welcome to Episode 194! As we inch ever so closer to #200, we thank you each for tuning in every week for our tech discussions. The topics never dry up. This week we talk about the privatization of Blackberry, the cost of paying for fake/solicited online reviews, and Microsoft’s latest Surface product. In our primary topic, it’s all about the record setting iPhone 5S and 5C sales, the latest from iOS 7, and the environmental impact of the revolving door of new and old mobile devices

California Amber Alert and Big Box Retailers Tracking Returns

We lead off with a discussion of California’s first statewide Amber Alert system that was activated last week – what does this means, how effective was it, did it help. We finish the show with an interesting discussion about big box retailers keeping tabs on the return habits of the consumer – is this a privacy concern, how much is being tracked, how to get information.