Verison Buys AOL

It Is All About Making Deals

Verizon buys AOL and Spotify teams with Starbucks. That’s right, Verizon spent $4.4 billion for the old school dial-up company of AOL. With respect, AOL has evolved into a major online content creator and a major advertising giant. The only music streaming business continues to boom. Spotify has partnered with Starbucks that will allow customers to select and create playlists while in store. Also, we talk about when it’s good and bad to be distracted by your cell phones.

Comcast Time Warner

New Media And Traditional Media Coming To A Head

On Episode 265 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about new media and traditional media coming to a head. Verizon made news this week by featuring a plan for customers that choose to slice up the traditional bundled packages of shows into smaller cable TV package. In response, ESPN plans to sue Verizon over the new “skinny bundles” for cable TV, citing that the plan is in violation of the terms of their contract. More on the traditional front, we discuss the winners and losers of the Comcast and Time Warner Cable deal demise. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

NMX 2015

New Media Expo and Podcast Awards 2015

We breakdown our experience of New Media Expo (#NMX), the Podcast Awards, and the NAB Show. The event had many elements to rave about and other elements that need to be evaluated. In tech news, we discuss the partnership of Yahoo and Microsoft as they try to take some of Google’s power. In big news, Norway has decided to switch off their national FM Radio and we give the details.


Microsoft Celebrating 40 Years Of Business

On Episode 263 of The Waves of Tech, it’s all about celebrating birthdays on the show! A very happy birthday to Microsoft who celebrating 40 years of business. What started in the garage of a home in New Mexico developing into a technological giant and dominator in the home personal computing industry. Also, Apple celebrating the 5-year mark of the iPad. The iPad revolutionized the table market. Finally, it’s all about how the tablet and mobile technology industry is shaping and transformation the safety industry.

Podcast San Diego

Podcast San Diego and Amazon Home Services

Dave visited San Diego this weekend and took part in the day-long Podcast San Diego event. The event featured keynotes and presentations from Kate Erickson, Shannon Hernandez, Anthony Tran, Espree Devora, and many other headliners in the podcasting industry. With some many great presentations, Dave gives you the main takeaway from each presentation. In the second half of the show, Amazon is in the news again. The tech giant is making headlines with the Dash Button, as they have partnered with 18 business to provide you a cool in-home service. In addition, Amazon is making themselves a household name with the introduction of Home Services.

Shoes E-ink Technology

Shoes Using E-ink Technology and Poisoning iPhone

We are looking at the growing movement of authors and storytellers deciding to write their original works for the sole purpose of being heard rather than being read. Straight to audiobook…that’s a new approach. We touch on a few other topics such as a 12-year old poisoning her mother for taking away her iPhone and the NFL’s move to end blackouts for the upcoming season. In a show first, we talk fashion and shoes that are using e-ink technology to change shoe patterns and designs on the go.