Apps For Students and Apple Boosts Hiring of Women

As everyone begins to head back to school, we provide a number of free apps for students, parents, and educators that may help enhance the educational experience. As the consumer mobile telecom industry begins to change, so to must the companies. AT&T announced changes to bolster their mobile data plan structure and Sprint now offers the “iPhone Forever” plan as well. Apple is staying true to their commitment to diversity by hiring more women and underrepresented minorities into the company. We conclude with a story of the changing online mortgage process with a real life story.

Google Alphabet

Does Google Now Own The Alphabet?

Verizon ditches annual contracts, Google restructures, Tesla gets hit by a hacker, and Facebook crunches some data. Verizon is now providing options to customers to choose a month-by-month plan rather than the traditional annual or bi-annual contract. Google now has a parent, well a parent company. Alphabet, Inc. is the new big name in own and the company has restructured and we give details. Tesla has since fixed a bug in their software that allowed hackers to hijack the Model S. And finally, International Podcast Day is coming September 30th!

Recreational Drones Continue To Impact Safety And Personal Privacy

We dive into the California Teachers Summit conference and the power of creating localized hashtags.  Comcast and Dish’s Sling TV are in a battle of advertising and distribution markets, as traditional and new media continue to square off.  We cover more recreational drone stories making headlines that continue to create safety and privacy issues.  And finally, Windows 10 is a major success but still the Mozilla CEO isn’t happy with the tech giant.


Happy Birthday Cnet And Apple Watch Comes To Best Buy

We dive into the news that Apple Watch will hit Best Buy retailers as Apple tries to market the holiday shopping market. Windows 10 is to be released this coming week and we will see first hand what a single OS for desktop, tablet, and smartphone looks like. Finally, we dissect the decision by many doctors being lured away from medicine and into the biotech field.

Facebook Music Videos

Facebook Bidding With Music Labels

We cover headlines from the past few weeks and also look at some future projects.  These include Facebook bidding with music labels; a cloud tax on subscription-based services in Chicago; Windows 10 hits as PC market has declined; and Apple’s public beta of OS X El Capitan.  We spend plenty of time discussing the move Facebook is making in the music space and what effect the cloud tax will have on consumers, businesses, governments, and the tech community.