Twitter 10000 Characters

10,000 Lakes We Get – 10,000 Characters We Don’t

This is our first live show of the New Year and we really do have lots to celebrate. Social Media is on the front burner of marketing for every business – large and small – and tools available today far exceed the tools of the past. How did we go from 140 to 10,000? Well the mystery is brewing on social media and the fury gets louder by the minute. Today we’ll bring you up to date on conversational ads on Twitter and Adobe Post (we are excited to be joined by Ben Forta Adobe Systems’ Senior Director of Education Initiatives).

Tragedies on Social Media

How to Handle Tragedies on Social Media

As people, we are still coming to terms with the losses of the November 13 attacks in Paris. As small business owners and solopreneurs, we are often at a loss for how to respond on social media, whether or not we are personally impacted. On today’s Social Solutions Show, joining me from the U.K., special guest co-host Jules Serkin and I will share the best practices with you that will not only contribute to relief efforts but keep you and your business from inadvertently causing further grief.

Honoring Veterans and Social Media

Honoring Veterans and Social Media

As the United States celebrates our Veterans, we would like to join the chorus by honoring them through the channels that we know best. The Social Solutions Show is dedicated today to the men and women who have served to keep our country safe. A portion of this show will provide insights on the ways that Veterans themselves and those wanting to connect with them can use social media.