Bob's Chevy Truck

Team Flamingo, Enjoying Local Attractions. Gary Warner, Planning a Trailer Restoration.

Team Flamingo offers some ideas for your next travels! Don’t be in a hurry to get to your location, as there are so many attractions to see on your journey! Gary Warner of Vintage Trailer Rescue shares his logical insight into planning your trailer restoration or remodel. His approach will ease your anxiety over what sometimes seems to be an overwhelming task!

Our Newest Sponsor, “Curbside Car Show Calendar”. Justin Scribner, “The Flyte Camp Neutron”.

Team Flamingo welcomes our newest sponsor, “Curbside Car Show Calendar”! There is a direct connection between specialty car events and the RV industry, and what better way to know about these events, than to have a relationship with a premier website promoting car and trailer shows? Pink Flamingo will also be a part of Curbside, as they have added to their title… Curbside Car Show & Vintage Trailer Calendar! Team Flamingo visits with Justin Scribner of Flyte Camp in Bend, Oregon! Justin and Flyte Camp are known for their meticulous restorations of vintage camping trailers, and their TV shows, Flippin’ RVs and Beachin’ RVs! Our conversation revolves around Flyte Camp’s latest endeavor… The Flyte Camp Neutron! You need to hear this interview!

Team Flamingo, Roadside Attractions. Unique RV, Refreshing the Exterior of Your Worn RV

Team Flamingo discusses the unlimited possibilities of roadside attractions and local events while traveling. Some of Team Flamingo’s stops have been Cadillac Ranch, The WigWam Motel, and The Grand Canyon, as well as recent car and motorcycle shows! Don’t overlook what is happening wherever you may be! And, Unique RV offers some insight into sprucing up a dull and worn RV exterior. Some options are simpler than you might think!

The Auto Collections, Classic Tow Vehicles. Andy Caldwell’s First RV.

Join us this week as Team Flamingo picks up Austin’s little Fiat 500 in Las Vegas at The Auto Collections. While we were there, we realized that many of the vehicles that are for sale at The Auto Collections would make great classic-tow-vehicles for your travel trailer! Team Flamingo gives an insider’s look as to some of the vehicles that are for sale! And, we visit with a 22 year old friend who has purchased his first RV! We would love to see more Millennials join the RV lifestyle!

1966 Kenskill trailer

Team Flamingo 1966 Kenskill Rescue and Team Flamingo’s YouTube video!

Join Team Flamingo this week as we discuss the rescue of our 1966 Kenskill trailer! Scoot on over to our YouTube Channel at: Pink Flamingo RV Radio… and watch the rescue unfold over a 2-day period! It sure looks a lot easier to us in the video, than it did at the time! And, the Team has a discussion about your personal items being stolen while you camp!


Author, Phil Noyes, TRAILERAMA. Team Flamingo, a Vintage Trailer Rescue.

Join us this week as Team Flamingo makes a trip to Central California to rescue another vintage trailer! This adventure leads to the ownership of a 1962 Serro Scotty! Whether you are into the vintage trailer hobby, or you travel in a newer RV, learning about the history of travel trailers could not be more fun than to read an outstanding book titled, “TRAILERAMA”, by author Phil Noyes. You will not be disappointed!