Must Do-Should Do-Could Do Small Business Marketing

If you are like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are overwhelmed with the options to market your brand. Traditional options like newspaper, local radio or direct mail are still viable but expensive. Digital options like email marketing, social media or online advertising are highly recommended but confusing. Where do you start? How much should you spend? Who will do it? How will I know if it’s working?

What Holiday Greeting Should You Use on Social Media?

In a world where political correctness has become the expectation – especially in business – how we express ourselves on social media is yet another concern for expression. Are you wishing your customers Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? or Happy Holidays? This is the topic that will kick off today’s LinkedIn Lady Show. My returning guest Rick Limpert will bring fun, insight and his own brand of personal expression back for the 18th time!

Voting Doesn’t Stop After Today’s Election

Through the years that the Internet has matured and options to express continue to present themselves, we have the right to ‘vote’ on just about everything that touches our lives. We can review a book on Amazon; we can give a five-star rating to our favorite restaurant; we can recommend the painter who transformed our house; and we can evaluate the service we received from our insurance agent.