Spa Treatments And Home Remedy Tips

The Busy Ladies have for you handy tips on in-home spa treatments and also share some home remedies!  We discuss how our families handed down home remedies and how we should always take care of ourselves without spending a lot of money. Check out the websites we have included as there’s so many cheap and easy cool ideas!  We hope that you are excited with what we have shared with you today!

School Studies

Improving Study Habits Of Children

Learn as we discuss how we each help or helped our kids with their homework. How do you help your child succeed without harming your relationship with them? We get a teacher’s perspective, a mother’s perspective and a grandmother’s perspective. Listen as we pass on information which worked for us and what failed, and yes we did fail from time to time. Testing, tutoring, studying, reading, researching is all part of the homework to do list.