Strong Work Ethic

The Power Of A Strong Work Ethic

What exactly does work ethic mean? From the dictionary it is defined as a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character. On this episode Anaya and Debbie talk about how to have a strong work ethic. Some of the characteristics you should have are integrity, a sense of responsibility, discipline, teamwork and and emphasis on quality.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning And Organization Tips

As busy women, family time is essential. We discuss how to incorporate your family into the cleaning and organizing process. This will help you complete the task faster and instill habits in the whole family helping keep your house feeling neat, tidy, and calm. Explore as the Busy Ladies share websites to help in your quest. These sites include checklists to help guide you in the right direction. Remember that while organizing you don’t have to get rid of something that is really special to you. Many times, once you’ve cleaned up, there is a new special place freed up to keep the heirloom.

Glam Makeup

Glam It Up Ladies

Join the Busy Ladies as we discuss how everyday women like to glam it up. Most of us don’t dress up for work on a daily basis so for those days when we need to take it up a notch, we may need some assistance.  We talk about the things we do to pamper ourselves and feel a little more taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you wake up every morning and spend an hour in the bathroom or 20 minutes getting ready.  What matters is how you feel about yourself when you leave the house. You have to be content in your own skin. Love yourself and make sure you feel important from the inside out.