be authentic

Are You An Authentic Woman?

We tackle the subject of being an authentic women. Do you talk about other women behind their backs? Are you being true to yourself? As women and as role models to our sons, daughters, and others we need to treat women with respect and not be judgmental. We have no idea what other women are going through so is it fair to talk about them to others? We should be walking up to them and telling them we are there for them and they have our support.


The Joy of Grandparenting

GrandparentsOne of the greatest joys of life is becoming a Grandparent. Certainly there are numerous phases of emotion and thought when the time approaches; however, life will reward you with a special gift. Steve and Debbie discuss their lives with three Grandchildren and the impact it has had from the beginning to now being teenagers. As Debbie states “They are the light of my life. They still like hanging out with us so that makes me super happy”.

Breast Cancer Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Anaya and Debbie discuss getting a yearly mammogram and doing monthly self checkups if you are under 40. Early detection can help in treatment and take the time to ask your doctor questions. There are new treatments and drugs being invented everyday to combat this horrible disease. Listen in as we tell you some of the ideas to show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure and be there for a family member or a friend as we don’t want any of our Busy Ladies to go through anything like this alone.

George The Generous Giraffe

Generosity Philosophy And George The Generous Giraffe With Kim Trumbo

Debbie is joined with Kim Trumbo from the Generosity Philosophy Podcast. Join us as we listen to her story on how she got into podcasting, her love of podcasting, and how her show provides her the opportunity to share the generosity of others. She shares with us how her podcast highlights the heroes who live to give and age is never a factor.