Time Magazine Person of the Year 2010 - WOT 69

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Time Magazine Person of the Year 2010 – WOT 69


Mike, Dave and Steve discuss Restaurant Inspection Reports, Techie Hotels, 12 days of Christmas and Time Magazine Person of the Year.



1. Kern County’s Environmental Health Services Department has added another dimension to their restaurant inspection reports. The department has synced its search engine with several smart phone applications to allow users the ability to pull up a restaurant or facility’s inspection reports and violations instantly. Does your local health agency have these types of services? Let us know.

2. Techie Hotels
When we think tech in hotels, we think about flat screen TVs, high speed Internet access, touch screen slot machines, and iPod docking stations. Steve had a new experience with a hotel in Laughlin, NV. A hotel key controlled the lights and electricity of the hotel room, turning the lights on and off as you enter and exit the room. Not only is this a subtle way of integrating tech but also a way of caring for Mother Nature.

3.iTunes 12 days of Christmas
On the 12th Day of Christmas, Steve Jobs sent to me….12 free downloads! Between December 26 and January 6, Apple is offering iTunes users free books, apps, songs, movies, and TV episodes. Apple is releasing a special app for the occasion, iTunes 12 Days of Christmas. Users will be alerted when new items are added to the freebie list. Look for it soon.

4.  Times Magazine Person of the Year – Mark Zuckerberg
The Waves crew has some very mixed opinions on Mark Zuckerberg being named the “Person of the Year” by Times. The award does not sit well with Steve and Dave, arguing that the success of Facebook is user based and there are more worthy persons deserving. Mikee argues that Zuckerberg has created a platform unlike anything else, connecting 300+ million people.

5.  Roku player software version 2.9 b1509 now available

Get it. It’s a great one!

6. Microsoft planning to unveil Verizon and Sprint Windows Phone 7 devices at CES
Microsoft plans on announcing that WP7 will be available on the Verizon and Sprint networks. Mikee provides a good analysis of the Microsoft move and talks about his recent WP7 purchase….for one cent!

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  • John

    I don't agree with any of you on the TIME magazine Zuckerberg choice. I thought it was a surprising choice but when you think about it it makes sense. Who has impacted the life of everyday Americans more than Mark Zuckerberg in the last year?

    He has a hand in every feature of Facebook. I'm assuming you already know thi…s but do you know why Facebook is blue everywhere? It's because Mark is color blind and can only see blue. Because one man is color blind it makes a difference in the way 500,000,000 people see Facebook.

    If it was my choice I would have given it to Glenn Beck for that huge event he had in DC and how the tea party (led by him) impacted this last election. But I don't think the Mark Zuckerberg choice was that bad.

  • Anonymous

    Hi John and thanks for the comment. Certainly as with anything; politics, facebook or even food, there and personal preferences. I don't see facebook as a life changing paradigm and in fact don't even use it for personal use, but that's just me. The point I was attempting to make on the show is I believe there are more worthy causes and individual statues of value which are more valuable for such an acclaim. Social Media has certainly had it's impacts but not to the degree of leadership, world value and the humanity impacts as other figures have. Hey maybe it will be you on the cover next year!

  • John

    I guess it comes down to exactly what TIME is looking for in the person of the year.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree John and I think it is to sell magazines.