Tennis With Marty Collins And Lisa Stone - TOS 51

From the shoes we wear on our feet to the high definition televisions in our living room, wearable devices, the sports universe is a breeding ground for technology. Writer and Photographer Rick Limpert will examine this each week on The Tech of Sports – With guests which include athletes, inventors and journalists that cover the intersection of sports and technology.

Tennis With Marty Collins And Lisa Stone – TOS 51

Our annual talk about the state of tennis as it’s the first week of Wimbledon with a couple people who always have some thoughts and opinions on everything tennis.  Marty Collins, a tennis parent, enthusiast, and advocate from the USTA Northern California Section and Lisa Stone of the Parenting Aces blog and residing in the Southern Section.


1.  Wimbledon week one.  What do you think so far?

2.   Are USA women making strides?

3.  Besides Injuries what may be the big story?

4.  Lisa is involved in junior tennis and has a vested interest – What are USTA’s initiatives and technologies are used in junior tennis.

5.   College tennis recruiting goes high tech.

6.   Marty follows all levels of tennis closely.  What aren’t we doing here in the states?

7.  What is the one gadget or piece of tech you can’t live without?

Guest contact information.

Martyn Collins  –  He’s on Google+ at Martyn Collins and on Twitter at @MarTennis

Lisa Stone  – and ParentingAces on Twitter

Host: Rick Limpert Website: Twitter: @rickroswell

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