Super Bowl Hype and Pro Bowl Gripe - CC #23

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Super Bowl Hype and Pro Bowl Gripe – CC #23


For the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is surrounds us and penetrates us and it binds our society together.  At least people who will be watching the game.  How will you watch it?  Will you watch the commercials, the halftime show?  There are so many questions to ask and answer.

Super Bowl Sunday is a few days away – Is it about football or is it all hype?  I’m going to compare the Super Bowl to “The Force” in the Star Wars movies.  “The Force is an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds thegalaxy together.”


1.  How we will be watching the game?

2.  Earliest memories of the Super Bowl

3.  Too much hype?  Is the game secondary?

4.  What about the entertainment?

5.  Single largest day of domestic violence

6.  Will we be watching social media during the game?

7. Rick and Steve’s predictions

8. Rick’s issue with the NFL

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