Steampunk’d with Guy “V&A Steamworks” Himber: Episode 21

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Steampunk’d with Guy “V&A Steamworks” Himber: Episode 21


This week we interview Guy Himber. we discuss how he got involved with Iron Builder, his Lego books and his custom Lego top hats and arms! We also take a look at the awesome features of the new Sopwith Camel.

This weeks Lego guest is Guy Himber.  You can find his works on Flickr.

Lego News

1. FBTB contest
FBTB announced their newest contest the Wings Of Justice. You have until June 2nd to make a superhero aircraft.

2. Cuusoo zelda and Firefly serenity get 10,000 votes Firefly gets turned down
Vote for the Western town!
Make sure to vote for the Western Town on CUUSOO!

A new world record was set for the largest Lego mosaic at the Lego show this year. Great article written by Richard, from Brick Fanatics.

4. Official Sopwith Camel announcement  Video
Lego has now officially released the Sopwith Camel.

Interview With Guy

When did you start building?

  • I built LEGO all through my youth and went through my dark ages

Did you have a dark age and, if so, when?

  • From High School onward, I got some of the Technic bricks when they first came out and used them for some motion studies at work ( for a hydraulic Godzilla)

You and LEGO Lately

Any recent mocs to note? Josh and Matthews favorite MOC you have built.

Why do you like to build?

  • I just like to build things of interest to me. There is something appealing about having a MOC or idea chase around in the back of my mind. It also helps that other people like what I build too! I have done lots of intense work building wild things for film projects under the direction of some highly creative folks, but it’s always nice to design things where the only eyes you have to please are you own

Planning any projects for the future?

  • A Steampunk LEGO themed deck of playing cards soon to appear on Kickstarter.

Conventions/shows we can find you at?

  • BrickCon and Brickworld


Do you have any tips for people who are trying to transition from just building LEGO sets out of the box into creating original works of their own?

  • I think the two best rules I could share with any young builders are these:

    #1 – Never be happy with your first solution to a building problem. Get in the habit of solving an issue and then ripping it apart and looking for an even more elegant or clever way to reach a solution. Things that look effortless when finished usually took many hours of thought.

    #2 REFERENCE, REFERENCE and REFERENCE! Get familiar with a program like Photoshop and learn how to use it to create reference materials that let you scale your ideas. The Bioshock Big Daddy, for example, was scaled to proportion solely based on the size of the Rock Raiders Drill element. The Supercar model was based solely upon the clear bubble canopy. The more research you do the easier your MOCs will be to create ( and the better they will look ).

What is your favorite Lego set ever produced? Dream LEGO set?

  • I like ALL of them! Anytime I build an official set I always learn something new in technique or connection possibilities. Most of my bricks I buy via Bricklink aka ‘Cracklink’.

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