Simon Liu aka “Si-MOCs” - BTB #49

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Simon Liu aka “Si-MOCs” – BTB #49


Canadian AFOL and talented builder Simon Liu aka “Si-MOCs” joins Joshua and Matthew to discuss how he got started building, his involvement with the LEGO community both online & off, and some of his most notable builds.


  • Spider-Man, a LEGO CUUSOO project by one of our listeners.
  • Previously reported as being canceled, Ninjago will continue to be produced into 2014
  • Happy holidays! We’ll be taking a 1 week break to enjoy the season. We’ll be back January 2nd.
  • Collectible minifigs will begin to appear in different ratios than before in the upcoming series. Now we’ll them in a 2-4-6 distribution. The reason for the change is that minifigs will now be sold in cases of 30 instead of 60. This change means that buying a “box” will yield a full set of figures plus 14 extras as opposed to the larger number of extras that you get with a box currently.

Interview with Simon

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