Seven Stages of Grief – Part 4 Depression, Loneliness And Reflection: BL #58

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Seven Stages of Grief – Part 4 Depression, Loneliness And Reflection: BL #58


The Busy Ladies continue their series on Grief. This week we talk about depression, loneliness and reflection.  Listen as we share our personal stories on these subjects. Find out how you are not alone out there and that there are places to go for help.

Discussion Points:


  • How does this affect your everyday life if you are suffering from depression?
  • Do you know the signs of depression?


  • Is there a cure for loneliness?


  • Is this good or bad for you?
  • Your try to remember all the good but should you remember the not so good also?

Help for you is out there!  Join a support group, go see a doctor, share with your friends and family and let them know you need them now more than ever.

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