Nexus Devices And Voting With Google: GG #71

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Nexus Devices And Voting With Google: GG #71


Brand new line of Nexus devices announced! Russell Holly from joins us to talk about all the new Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Also, we discuss Motorola giving discounts to people looking to upgrade, Google helping you vote and AMBER alerts now appearing in search results.


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Guest Russell Holly is a mobile tech writer for and author of “Taking your Android Tablets To The Max


1. New Nexus Line of DevicesVideo

  • Google announced the Nexus 4 which is made by LG and has a 4.7in screen. The phone is the first device to be rocking Android 4.2.
  • The Nexus 10 is a completely new product from Google and Samsung. Starting at $399, the N10 has a screen resolution that surpasses the newest iPad and a battery that Google says will give you 9 hours of video playback.
  • Google also updated the Nexus 7 tablet. The price stayed the same (starting at $299) but HSPA+ network availability was added and Google is now selling a new 32gb N7  model.

2. No LTE for Nexus 4
Surprisingly, the new Nexus 4 phone lacks LTE radios. So the N4 is not available on Sprint, Verizon and other CDMA networks.

3. Motorola Handing Out $100 Discounts To Older Phones
If you own a Motorola Android phone you might be eligible for an additional $100 discount off your next upgrade. Unfortunately, the discount only applies to a select few new Motorola phones.

4. Get Ready To Vote With Google is your only stop for voter information on November 6.

5. AMBER Alerts Now Appearing In Google Results
Next time you search, you might see a location aware AMBER alert pop up next to search results.

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