A Time Of Reflection

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A Time Of Reflection

It has been six years since I created my first podcast. Wow!! Things sure were different then with technology and the overall learning experience. The show titled Waves of Tech began just as a Skype conversation with my two sons while I was on an extended job in Northern California. Our conversations were like any normal son and father relationship talking about family, work, and lots of sports. It seemed we always got on the topic of technology and since my older son and I are both in the technology profession, it became a natural discussion. After a very long day of work, we once again launched Skype and began talking. But, this time I recorded it because I knew I’d have to go back later and listen as I was too tired to comprehend anything at the moment. What happened next changed our discussion and daily activities until now. Not knowing any of the technical aspects of a podcast, I began researching. To my surprise, I was able to release a podcast of the conversation I had recorded. I thought it would be great to have these for family and friends to hear what we were talking about. Little did I know, many other people listened too! That was the beginning of the Waves of Tech Media Network and I truly need to thank my sons, Dave and Mike, for hanging in there during the experiment with fun and passion.

As time moved forward we decided to bring on other shows of different topics from sports, gaming, movie reviews, education, and more. Thus, Productions was born. Even though is only two years old, the interaction from the community and the content provided by all hosts has been an absolute amazing experience. Certainly, we have had great times and there have also been times I wish to forget, but with any adventure the good times always prevail. The network has evolved for just chit-chat conversation among three to worldwide distribution of audio and video content.

There isn’t anyway I could continue if not for the amazing content creators of NCS – John, Matthew, Josh, Nicholas, Debbie, Laurin, Colleen, Rick, Dave and all the co-hosts of the past. You are the greatest of friends, producers, and most importantly incredible individuals. I cherish all the moments we’ve had and if not for you, there would be nothing. I couldn’t be prouder of each one of you. Your dedication to weekly preparation and recording of shows, desire to educate, and commitment to bring the best content possible is inspiring to me.

If you are a listener to any of our shows, I appreciate your continued support of the network. Without viewers we are just talking amongst ourselves with no purpose and it’s for you we dedicate our time and resources to. This next year is going to be trying to say the least. With the economy still flat and advertising dollars shrinking, we are having to re-think monetization without impact to our community. Where can you help? First, tell a friend about ! You can also help and contribute by subscribing to our shows whether it’s via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, our podcast app, or frequent our website, listen, and comment.

From all of us at ,
Thank You

Steve Lee, Founder NCS

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2 Comments on "A Time Of Reflection"

2 years 6 months ago

I'm proud of you! It has been a great accomplishment.

2 years 6 months ago

colleensu83 Thank you Colleen.  It has been an adventure and rewarding.