Behind The Scene  Production Tour

Special news and special events such as Blog World and CES and guest appearances. VideoCasts on various software applications, tips and tricks and information.

Behind The Scene Production Tour

I have been promising this for a long time, but here it is. A brief video of how we produce our audio and video podcast content.


For a list of equipment we use and still photos, please go here.

If you have any questions on content creation or production, feel free to contact us.

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  • MikeeWX

    @PodcastHelper @netcaststudio stash-tastic

  • NetCastStudio

    @PodcastHelper LOL. Thanks. Didn't have a fancy DLSR so I used my iphone. The Stache is for Vegas.

  • CYBERnard

    Great video. But how do you share video or screen between the PC to the Mac? So, how to have the skype image or youtube from the PC to the mac?

    • netcaststudio


    • netcaststudio

      CYBERnard That is certainly a part of the video which I didn't mention.  My bad.  Those captures are by using a free add on product by Telestream which works with Wirecast called Desktop Presenter.  It's basically a small app that runs on each of those computer and send the video and audio over to the main Wirecast machine.  I can capture the entire screen of just a window like skype for example.  Desktop presenter however will not work unless you are using wirecast.  I believe you can achieve the same results also by using xsplit.  Thanks for the comment — Steve