Motivational Expert Gary Brose - CC 42

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Motivational Expert Gary Brose – CC 42


In 1981, Gary Brose purchased his first company in Seattle, a small courier firm.  He was young, dumb and under financed so he devoted his attention to creating an engaging atmosphere to get more out of his payroll buck than the average company.   During Gary’s 30+ years of owning his own businesses, he has employed a series of unique motivational programs and compensation structures for his employees. He has relied heavily on bonus programs and incentive laden pay for performance plans to increase productivity. In the process, Gary has created hundreds of different bonus plans and has discovered those attributes which make them effective or not. Gary now promotes his theories on his website Small Biz Sherp, speaks to groups, writes business articles and offers free business advice via his YouTube Channel, “Flying Shorts – Business Lessons in Brief”.

Discussion Topics With Gary Brose

  • How do we motivate employees today?
  • Your blog post about “robots” back in July – can employees be motivated if they think a machine may be in line to take their job?
  • Respect in the workforce environment.  Courtesy and personal standards.
  • Government intervention, taxes, laws, economy.  Impacts to employee motivation.
  • Competition and growth.
  • Startups and Business schools.
  • Employee reviews.

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