Kyle Veazey - Memphis Commercial Appeal - TOS 40

From the shoes we wear on our feet to the high definition televisions in our living room, wearable devices, the sports universe is a breeding ground for technology. Writer and Photographer Rick Limpert will examine this each week on The Tech of Sports – With guests which include athletes, inventors and journalists that cover the intersection of sports and technology.

Kyle Veazey – Memphis Commercial Appeal – TOS 40


Do you still read newspapers? Or do you get your news and sports fix online?  It’s a delicate balance and we’ll talk about the ever changing world of sports journalism tonight with Kyle Veazey of The Commercial Appeal in Memphis

Guest:  Kyle Veazey
KyleVeazeyChampsforChangeKyle Veazey is the sports enterprise reporter at The Commercial Appeal in Memphis. There he reports features, investigative stories, sports business news and projects across a variety of subject areas, such as the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, the University of Memphis, the Big East Conference, Southeastern Conference sports and Memphis’s professional golf and tennis tournaments.


He’s also the author of a new book,  “Champions for Change

“Champions for Change: How the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Their Bold Coach Defied Segregation” (The History Press, October 2012) is the first book on the Mississippi State basketball teams from the late 1950s and early 1960s that dominated Southern college basketball.


1.  What is the state of newspapers?

2. More and more online content

3.  Covering sports in a city like Memphis  – John Calipari

4.  Technology you use in professional and personal life

5.  Your book: Champions for Change – Miss St. Basketball  – SEC – Segregation

6.   Embracing social media and challenges ahead

7.  What is the best BBQ in Memphis

8. Piece of technology you can’t live without

Host: Rick Limpert Website: Twitter: @rickroswell

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