Katie Walker, LEGO Mosaic Builder Extraordinaire: BTB #39

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Katie Walker, LEGO Mosaic Builder Extraordinaire: BTB #39


This week Katie Walker, the LEGO cheese slope mosaic Queen, gives details on some of her best builds and tips for the rookie mosaic builder.

News Items:

Mike Doyle’s Kickstarter project.
Check out the amazing work of Mike Doyle and consider supporting his project to get section of the build.

New Arkham Asylum set.
LEGO announced a new Batman Arkham Asylum set at Brickcon 2012.

Check out all of our Brickworld Fort Wayne interviews!

Interview with Katie Walker

Pool Party
The curved wall, amazing floor pattern, and great landscaping make this one amazing MOC!

This build incorporates some great wall and floor techniques.

Candle holder
It’s always great to see LEGO being put to use in real life.

Grand Staircase
The combination of the floor mosaic and the staircase is incredible in this build!

Queen’s Atrium
Check out the amazing lighting in this stain glass window MOC.

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