Jim Kovach COO of CrowdOptic: Episode 3

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Jim Kovach COO of CrowdOptic: Episode 3


This week on “The Tech of Sports” Jim Kovach COO of CrowdOptic.


It was just over 10 years ago when we started using our mobile phones for more than just making calls. First, we started sending text messages, we then started checking and sending email. Now we have apps on our phones that let us do everything from keeping track of our kids and bank accounts  to editing videos and downloading  the latest song we just heard on the radio.  In the world of sports we keep track of out favorite team’s scores and stats  in real-time and we can even watch the live, streaming action of March Madness.

Today, we aren’t the only one using our smartphones. Some companies are now taking what we aim our cellphones at and the information we type in our phones to make decisions and monitor the world we live in. One of these companies is CrowdOptic. They have developed a mobile analytics, advertising and communication platform for live events. The next generation of location-based services, the proprietary technology they have created allows the enterprise to monitor the crowd’s focus in real time.
For fans this can enhance their experience at a live sporting event. For the event can help eliminate safety concerns,  for sponsors, it’s another way of getting their brand and message out to the public.

Our special guest Jim Kovach

As a football player, Jim was an All-American linebacker at the University of Kentucky graduating in 1978, he was University of Kentucky Most Outstanding Athlete Award across all sports in, 1976, 1978 and that was at a time when the Kentucky basketball team featured players like Jack “Goose” Givens, Rick Robey and Kyle Macy. He was All-academic, All SEC and he remains the all-time leading tackler in Kentucky Football history.

He then went on to play almost a decade in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers earning First-team All NFC middle linebacker in 1983. He was team MVP of the Saints that same year.

While playing in the NFL, our guest attended medical school and earned a medical degree with distinction in 1984.

If that wasn’t enough, he earned a Law degree from Stanford University in 1990.

Since then, our guest has worked with companies and organizations in a legal, medical research and technology leadership capacity. including being the co-founder of Athleticode , which helps athletes improve performance and reduce injuries through genetics and data analysis.

In 2010, he was elected to NCAA Academic All-America Hall of Fame

Jim is now COO of a company we are going to talk about tonight, CrowdOptic and they are doing some exciting things we are all benefiting from now and even more in the future.


1. Is what CrowdOptic is doing, all done through a person’s smartphone?

2. This has serious sports possibilities, what other events could this be rolled at?
2a Talk about the term “analytics”

3. I think this could be great for event organizers looking to improve safety at events. Maybe a disaster like we had at the Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair last summer could’ve been avoided or a big fight in the stands at a stadium could be kept under control.

4. What has been your feedback from events organizers, fans and sponsors where CrowdOptic’s platform and app has been used?

5. You guys are looking at integrating what you have come up with and social media? Your new ‘focused’ social media, this is where you use clusters to launch discussion pages and use what people are looking at as the portal into social media discussions.

6. Whenever we talk about something like this, privacy issues always get brought up and put out on the table. I know you guys are aware of these issues and how are you easing their fears at CrowdOptic

7. With your background in football at the collegiate and professional level what are the biggest changes in technology in football that amaze you?

8. You’ve been involved with studying the concussion problem that has been made an important issue in football. Where does that stand and why weren’t we concerned about that before?

9. The one piece of technology you can’t live without in your professional and personal life?

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