Jabra Freeway Handsfree Calling Device

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Jabra Freeway Handsfree Calling Device


By: John Hanlon


The Jabra Freeway is a bluetooth hands-free in-car speaker/mic. The Freeway is very well built; I was especially impressed with the clip. The clip will expand to fit almost any size car visor. The buttons on the device were very straightforward and easy to use


Connecting:  The Freeway connected very easily with my Samsung Note 2.

Sound quality:  The sound quality seemed to be very comparable to using the phone held up to my ear. When I checked with people on the other end of the phone, they did not report any unwanted noise. The mic was very good about only picking up the driver and canceling out unwanted noise.

Battery:  I was very impressed with the battery life. It easily lasts a week with low to moderate use. It also has a great built in motion feature that turns the Freeway off when not sensing motion for a certain length of time.

FM radio transmitter: I tried this device in my car, transmitting to my stereo, and it worked very nicely with no interference.

The Freeway speaker will also play audio such as music or YouTube videos streamed from a phone. This is nice to have, but the speaker is primarily made for phone calls and music does not sound good.


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