Great Lakes Shipping and Ships

There is a lot of tech in the way ships move about the great lakes. Today we will explore a bit of that tech and some history of Great Lakes Shipping. All of the 1000-footers are US vessels. The Canadian fleet needs to travel to and from its major cities along the St. Lawrence Seaway, so the largest length for the Canadian vessels is 740 feet (Seawaymax-size). The reason for this standard length is the Welland Canal, which bypasses Niagara Falls. The locks here are only about 800 feet (240 m) long, and for safety reasons, the vessels must be at most 740 feet (230 m).

Geek Of The North

Geek of the North ON MLN

Every wonder what kind of tech is used on a Garbage truck? Or how about the tech in your kitchen appliance? I will be covering mainstream stuff like Cars and aircraft, and some not-so mainstream stuff such as Ham Radio, Farming, Trucking and whatever. Tech is everywhere and I aim to cover it one episode at a time.