Google Nexus Tablet And G+ Android App Update: Episode 53

Today, Google is literally everywhere we go. From self-driving cars to Google+, John and Nicholas cover the news you need to know with knowledgeable guests from across the tech industry.

Google Nexus Tablet And G+ Android App Update: Episode 53


This week Ed Burnette joins us on the show. We talk about the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility finally finishing up, Oracle losing its lawsuit against Google, Chrome being the most popular browser for a week, the Google+ for Android app being updated, Larry Page not happy at Facebook and a rumored Google Nexus tablet.

Guest Ed Burnette

Ed is a software industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience as a programmer, author, and speaker. He has authored numerous technical articles and books, including Hello, Android from the Pragmatic Programmers, the Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide, Eclipse in Action, and Google Web Toolkit: Taking the Pain out of Ajax. He writes the Dev Connection blog for ZDNet, runs, and is now the manager for Android development at SAS.

1.  China Approves Google/Motorola Deal – Google To Keep Android Open Source
The Googorola deal has finally gone through and Google officially owns Motorola Mobility. At the same time, Google promised to let Android remain open source and available to developers.

2. Google/Oracle Trial Finally Ends
After a three week trial, the court ruled Google did not doesn’t infringe on patents owned by Oracle.

3.Chrome Most Popular For A Week
Google’s Chrome browser passed up Internet Explorer to be the most used browser for a week.  Chrome market share jumped to 32% while IE was stable at 31%.

Featured G+ Users
Patrick Ulrich
Peter Brown

4. Google+ For Android Updated
A few of the updates: visual refresh, start a Hangout from mobile, support for ringing Hangout notification, ability to edit posts and download photos from posts.

5. Google Is Still Waiting For Facebook To Open User Data
Larry Page said this week that Google is “still waiting” for Facebook to make user data available.

6. Nexus Tablets Coming At Google I/O?
Techno Buffalo reports the rumored Google Nexus tablet(s) will be given away at Google I/O in June. The tablet will reportedly be the first device running the Jelly Bean

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