FTC Clears Google And Microsoft Angry Again - GG #78

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FTC Clears Google And Microsoft Angry Again – GG #78

Google TV

Matthew Rappaport joins John and Nicholas on the show this week. On the first episode of 2013 they discuss: Google is cleared in FTC investigation, Gmail free phone calls continue, Microsoft is upset Google not developing Windows Phone apps, Google TV can now be operated with an Android device, G+ Read/Write API and G+ Communities discussion.

1.  Free Phone Calls Via Gmail Continue
Google has once again renewed their unlimited free calling service.

2.  Microsoft Angry At Google’s Lack Of Windows Phone Apps
Microsoft is not happy that Google refuses to develop apps like YouTube for the Windows Phone platform. Google says they will not be making apps for Windows Phone until there is higher adoption of the OS.

3.  Google TV YouTube App Now Controlled With Android
You can now control the YouTube app on your Google TV with your Android phone. Just connect your Android device and your Google TV to the same WiFi. While one video is playing on the Google TV, you can que up another on your phone.

4.  G+ Read/Write API Ever Coming?
So far, Google has not released the read/write API for Google+. What exactly does this mean? Developers are not able to include information (posts, +1s, etc) in their applications.

5.  Matthew’s Thoughts On G+ Communities

6.  Google Related CES Predictions

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