Friends Debate And New Star Wars Planets Sets: LGO 7

Join Lego as they discuss the latest Lego news. Tune in every week to hear the about the coolest MOCs, contests, new sets, and interviews with the top builders in the LEGO community!

Friends Debate And New Star Wars Planets Sets: LGO 7


This week we discuss the Friends debate, new Star Wars planets sets and the coolest MOCs of this week. Listen next week for the LegoLand Florida review and the giveaway announcement!

1. BrickPad
Make sure to download this great app that allows you to use LDraw pieces to make anything you want!

2. Lego for girls, Petition, Lego Press Release, 14 year old girl complains to Lego
The Lego Friends line has sparked a lot of controversy. Let us know what you think on our Google plus or Facebook page.

3. Super heroes unite winners
Check out the great videos that won the Lego Super Heroes contest.

4. New Sets- Star Wars game, Star Wars, Sydney Opera House
Lots of new sets to check out. Let us know what you think of the Sydney Opera House.

5. MOC of the week Josh Josh Rich
Check out the neat photos of different minifigs in Hawaii. The Saturn V is 18 feet 4 inches tall, built by Ryan McNaught. Check out this version of the Republic Frigate.

6. New Theme- Lord Of The Rings
Check out these photos of the new Lord Of The Rings sets. They will be released in August 2012.

7. Stop Motion video of the week
We will be doing a stop motion video of the week from now on. Check out this one based on Modern Warfare 3.

8. Google science fair
Lego joined up with Google for the 2nd annual Google Science Fair. You can enter from January 12th to April 1st.

10. New Giveaway
Next episode we will announce another giveaway!

11. LegoLand review next episode.
Listen to Josh’s review of LegoLand Florida next episode.

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