Donna Andersen - Red Flags of Love Fraud - CC 32

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Donna Andersen – Red Flags of Love Fraud – CC 32


Sociopath and psychopath – terms for the same character disorder.  What is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath? It depends who you ask. The terms sociopath and psychopath describe pretty much the same personality disorder—people who feel no emotional connections to others and have zero regard for other.

redflagsThis is a book about a personal experience Donna had, but it’s about so much more.  Donna Andersen, the author of and two books, Love Fraud and Red Flags of Love Fraud. She is a freelance writer from Atlantic City, New Jersey. My background is journalism—she studied at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Items of discussion

  • Introduction of Donna
  • Define “sociopath”
  • Is this actually a disorder, or is it a personality people hide behind?
  • Age of internet dating
  • Talk about the case of the three girls held captive in Ohio
  • Privacy and volunteering info
  • Types of people who tend to be sociopaths
  • Do sociopaths realize they have a disorder?
  • What are the ten signs?

For more information Donna’s web site is Love Fraud.

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