Do You Yahoo, Project Glass and Digital Donating: Episode 131

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Do You Yahoo, Project Glass and Digital Donating: Episode 131


HAPPY EASTER!!! The Waves of Tech crew would like to wish everyone a safe and family friendly Easter weekend. There will be no show next week as we stop to share some time with loved ones during the week. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode as we dive into Yahoo, Google, and!

Do you Yahoo?
Some 15% of Yahoo employees were provided with quite the shock this week – Layoff Notices. Yahoo has struggled with revenue the past five years. The company has cycled through a few CEOs, a change in management, and shifts in board members. Recently, Yahoo has experienced a steep decline in advertising revenue – something that the new CEO was attempting to resolve. It begs the question of how relevant Yahoo is in today’s tech realm. Once a major entity and staple of the Internet presence, they find themselves struggling to remain relevant.

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses
Introducing – Project Glass. Google has initiated another innovative, yet limiting, project. This futuristic technology bridges the social media experience and the everyday stroll across town. Google’s augmented reality glasses allow you to access several service with cruising around town: FourSquare, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and so many more. Even though this technology may have very limited success in the hands of the general end user, we see some serious potential to exist in the healthcare and customer service industries. Check out this show note link above for a quick Project Glass experience. – Digital Donations
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3 Comments on "Do You Yahoo, Project Glass and Digital Donating: Episode 131"

3 years 3 months ago

We weren't being harsh but realistic.  Though "Cool" is one thing, also what are considerations to safety with this type of device with wearable head-wear as like the cell phone has contributed.  None of us truly know what the device will look like or be it's capabilities; however, the verizon unit I tried at CES was in fact small, sleek and worked very well.  In reference to practicality, yes there are many, but I don't believe the infrastructure, technology nor the human value is there yet except for techies.  What do you think John perhaps another five years before we see something available for the public?

John Hanlon
3 years 3 months ago

I think you guys were a bit harsh on the Google Glasses. :) 
The glasses would be capable of anything your smartphone does today. Even more so since this device (whether made by Google or any company) would be literally right in front of your eyes whenever in use.
It would be great especially for anything related to location. Not just the distance a friend is away (that was kind of a silly example they used in the video) but also store discounts when you walk in, social checkins, venue hours, restaurant menus, venue reviews, GPS, road closings, weather, nearby stores that have an item for cheaper… I really could go on and on with this list and that's only the capability related to location. 
This is a completely new platform and we will certainly see uses for these devices that right now we can't imagine. Just like 5 years ago we would have never thought what a simple cell phone would be capable of. It's a new technology and we'll have to see what happens but I certainly would not say they have no practical use to the average person.

John Hanlon
3 years 3 months ago

Another quick comment regarding the look of the device. 
They are real photos of people wearing them in the wild. -&nbsp ; They look to me like normal glasses and nothing that would attract attention. Definitely nothing comparable in looks to the glasses that Motorola and/or Verizon were showing off at CES. 
But that's just my thoughts. Great episode as usual!