Discounted Nexus 7 And Steve Ballmer: GG #73

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Discounted Nexus 7 And Steve Ballmer: GG #73


This week JD Sutter from joins host John Hanlon on the show. John and JD have a packed show! They discuss: Google’s Nexus 4 phone selling out instantly, Steve Ballmer attacking Android and iOS, Droid DNA Verizon phone is the first 1080p smartphone screen, Nexus 7 tablet selling for $160, Kansas City Google Fiber and Galaxy Nexus camera.

JD is the founder of Radio CSS Media, a family friendly podcast network at He is a tech enthusiast, Android fan, and food junkie. He is also a podcast consultant and has been a user of Google products for many years, both for business and personal use. His consulting website is located at


1. Nexus 4 Sells Out In Minutes
Google’s latest Nexus device went on sale Tuesday and it sold out in less than half an hour.

2. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Bashes Android and iPhone
Ballmer called the Android ecosystem “wild,” “uncontrolled” and susceptible to malware.
He called the Apple ecosystem “high-priced” and “highly controlled,” further noticing that iPhones cost upwards of $1,000 internationally. (TechCrunch)

3. First 1080 Full-HD PhoneVerizon Now Preloading Amazon Content
The HTC Droid DNA was announced this week by Verizon. The Android phone is the first smartphone to have a full-HD 1080p display. The PPI (pixels per inch) add up to 440 on the Droid DNA compared to the Nexus 4 at 320 PPI and the iPhone 5 at 326 PPI.

4. 8gb Nexus 7 Down To $159
If you’re looking for a good deal, head over to your local Staples store and pick up a Nexus 7 tablet for $159. The 8gb version of the tablet has been discounted by Google.

5. Kansas City Google Fiber Now In Houses – Galaxy Camera Now Available
Google Fiber is now available for homes in Kansas City. If you recall, Kansas City successfully convinced Google a while back that they are the best testing ground for the company’s 1gbps fiber.


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2 years 8 months ago

@Gadgetsteria Ah gotcha! No problem. Sharing the wealth of Google Juice

John Hanlon
2 years 8 months ago

Not a problem, JD. I had actually looked that up before the show in order to double check. Phone names are so hard to keep track of now that there are several a month coming out!

2 years 8 months ago

Thanks for having me on the show! It was a blast!

Not sure where my brain went on the "Droid" branded phones. There were actually several Droid branded devices by other manufacturers. I guess it was just that the Motorola ones are the most recognizable. Sorry for the flub. :)

2 years 8 months ago

@jd_sutter Awesome. I'll have to listen to it later. @GoogleGlance

2 years 8 months ago

@jeremysarber @GoogleGlance Great!