CES Wrap Up And Nexus Q Is Dead - GG #79

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CES Wrap Up And Nexus Q Is Dead – GG #79

Nexus Q

Steve Lee from NetCastStudio.com  John Hanlon on the show this week. They talk about Android news from CES, Facebook almost going with Google for their Graph Search, Verizon 4G expanding, Google killing Nexus Q and Street View car running over a donkey.


1. CES Android Stuff

2. Zuckerberg “would have loved to work with Google” on Graph Search
“I think that the main thing is that when people share something on Facebook we want to give them the ability to broadcast something out and then take it down or set privacy settings. That requires quick updating, removing photos. We also need that content to be gone if something changes their privacy settings.
You need infrastructure that can support that.

“Microsoft was more willing to do things that fit with Facebook. People want flexibility, and that was the stumbling block with Google in our last round of talks. I’m not sure if that was detail in the negotiation or rift between Facebook’s and Google’s strategies.”

4. Verizon 4G LTE At 89% Of 3G Coverage
Verizon Wireless is leading the way and projects their 4G coverage map will surpass their current 3G coverage.

5. Nexus Q Pulled Off The Shelf
Google’s Nexus Q was first unveiled at Google I/O 2012 and has since been one of the worst selling devices from the search company.

6. Google Did Not Run Over A Donkey
Google has responded to a Street View photo that appears to show the Street View car had run over a donkey.

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