Advancements In Vehicles And Google Maps Grand Canyon - WOT 170

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Advancements In Vehicles And Google Maps Grand Canyon – WOT 170


Waves of Tech 170 is here and ready!!  With travel plans in place for Steve this week, we touch on some of the major advancements in motor vehicle travels over the past 30+ years in the car industry.  Additionally, Google is bringing the Grand Canyon to our living rooms by utilizing Google Street View.  Enjoy the podcast and be sure to head over to iTunes, subscribe to a podcast, and leave a comment!!

Google Street View Covers the Grand Canyon

In their ongoing effort to map every corner of the globe, Google has taken to the trails and surrounding roads of the Grand Canyon and integrating the images into Google Street View.  Google is bringing the natural parks, underwater footage, and the Canadian Arctic to the desktops of millions of Americans.  With such a feature, this can be used in the home as a learning tool, a learning tool in the classroom, and a way of seeing the world without the means of travelling to a destination.

Advancements in motor vehicle traveling

Traveling has become a way of American life.  We travel for work, vacations, family reunions, and weekend getaways.  We spend countless hours in our vehicles in our lifetime yet forgot about the simple advancements that make our travels safe and luxurious.  Elements such as auto headlights, tire pressure sensors, road safety, and night visions mirrors are safety features auto manufacturers has incorporated.  Regarding luxury, we now have cruise control, GPS, heated seats, voice activation, and Sirius Satellite and XM Radio make the ride even better.  Let us know what your favorite luxury and/or safety feature is in your vehicle.


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